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Product: Conti X-ONE 2 GROUP

Price: ZAR 55 200.00 each

Product Description

  • Thermosiphon boiler: 2 groups = 13 L and 3 groups = 19.5 L
  • Temperature stability: boiler controlled electronically, PID system
  • New coffee group: quality of extraction, consistency of the result in the cup
  • Pre-infusion programmable
  • Adjustable flow control to regulate temperature from the first cup
  • Mixed hot water splash less
  • 2 steam arms with progressive steam delivery. double use: up (normal  steam flow), down (quick spray)
  • Larger drip tray
  • Eco mode
  • Automatic cleaning cycles (Alarm programmable)
  • Easy access to the main parts of the machine
  • One stop tap per group allowing isolation of each group
  • Single phase = 3500 watts


The price indicated here is an approximation only, due to the fluctuating prices of imported machines.  Please contact us to obtain accurate pricing.

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Conti X-ONE 2 GROUP 
ZAR 55 200.00
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